Charter Members

 At the first Military Veterans Museum Board of Directors meeting, a discussion was held regarding Charter Members.  It was decided that anyone who became a member in the year 1991 will be considered a charter member. 

October 9, 1991, Board Minutes state that the following be added to the charter member definition: “additional benefits to be added down the road”.

 During the February 10, 1992 Board Meeting, the consensus was that becoming a charter member will end on April 30, 1992.  In May 1992, a letter was sent to members that one benefit of being a charter member is the annual membership will remain $25 permanently providing there is no lapse in membership.  Life membership fees will be $200 for WW II veterans and $250 for all other charter members.

 At a later Board meeting, it was decided to create some form of recognition for the men and women who supported the museum in the early years.

 Following is a listing of those charter members. If the list does not come up in the pdf viewer, please refresh the page on your browser.