M-725 Ambulance


Manufacturer: Kaiser Jeep

Years produced: 1967-1969

Quantity produced: 3,700 Units

Length: 209.75 inches

Width: 85 inches

Height: 95 inches

Net weight: 6,400 lbs.

Gross weight: 8,800 lbs.

Fuel capacity: 28 gallons

Fuel consumption: 8mpg

Range: 225 miles

Max allowed speed: 60 mph


Manufacturer: Jeep

Model: Tornado

Type: Overhead Camshaft, 4-cycle

Number of cylinders: 6 (in-line)

Fuel: Gasoline

Displacement: 230.5 cu. in. (3.8 L)

Horsepower: 132.5 hp. at 4000rpm

Torque: 198 lb. ft. at 2,000rpm





The Kaiser Jeep M725 was the ambulance version of the M715 US military vehicle. This series was based off of the Jeep Gladiator, and was produced for about two years starting in 1967.During that time many M725’s were used during the Vietnam War. These vehicles, unfortunately, proved to be too unreliable for wartime use, and production was stopped.

They were four-wheel-drive and weighed about 5,000 pounds. Each ambulance could carry up to five stretcher cases. This was a standard military design which included a surgical light, air ventilators, double rear doors, gas heater, and a sliding door separating the driver & co-driver from the rear.