Personnel Gear

A large percentage of the museum’s artifact collection consists of uniforms and accouterments, which has thousands of items we try to rotate through the museum on a regular basis. Be sure to stop to see our new displays!

Uniforms range from the Spanish-American War of 1896 to current-day conflicts. Caps, belts, and cartridge boxes date back to the 1860s during the Civil War.

The bulk of our artifacts are from veterans of Wisconsin and surrounding states. Individual donations of veteran uniforms typically come with medals, ribbons, and military paperwork, which provides our tour guides with stories and details of the jobs they did to risk their lives to keep us safe at home.

  • U.S. Army Cavalry Sergeant’s sack coat from the Spanish-American War worn by B. Johnston, donated by Cecelia and Patrick Peterson.
  • WWI U.S. Army Officer’s tunic with insignia attached, worn by an unknown captain. The uniform was tailor-made in Paris.
  • U.S. Navy blouse was worn by Seaman first class R.W. Zick. Insignia shows he served aboard the USS Worcester, a light cruiser that launched Feb. 4, 1947.
  • Master Sergeant Jack Pankratz wore the Korean War U.S. Marine Corps service dress jackets worn during his service from 1948-1952.
  • E-5 Dean Baus wore the U.S. Air Force dress jacket in 1998. Insignia indicates he served as a member of the Base Honor Guard. Uniform donated by Cherie B.