4- to 5- Ton, 4x4, Tractor Truck (Autocar U-7144T)


The Autocar U7144-T or (G-510) was a shorter version of the U8144-T tractor truck, with the same driveline, but with a shorter wheelbase and without the toolbox behind the cab. Nor did it have the U8144’s oversize tires – using 9.00x20s instead, and it was rated at 4-tons off road. The model was also built by White Motor Company, who bought Autocar in 1953, as their Model 444T. 

Together, these were the U.S. Army’s standard 4- to 5-ton, 4×4 tractor trucks, used for towing a variety of semi-trailers, like the 25-foot and 40-foot, 12 12-ton type C-2 flatbeds (for wrecking, moving aircraft, and general hauling), and the AAF type F-2 and F-2A fuel tankers. The U7144-T also towed a trailer with SCR-270 antenna support components.

The U7144-T and White 444T had a maximum tow load capacity of 30,000 lbs. and both were powered by the same Hercules RXC 529 cu.in., 112HP, six-cylinder gasoline engine. Autocar built 11,104 of these from 1941 through August 1945, and White built another 2,751 units from mid 1944 to 1945.


General Information

Manufacturer: Autocar

Years Produced: 1941-1945

Quantity Produced: About 12,000

Length: 203 ½ inches

Width: 95 ½ inches

Height: 112 ¾ inches 

Net weight: 11,660 lbs. 

Gross weight: 21,010 lbs. 

Fuel capacity: 60 gallons

Fuel consumption: 3-5 miles per gallon

Range: 180 miles

Max allowable speed: 41 mph


Engine: Hercules

Model: RXC

Type: “L” head, 4-cycle

Number of cylinders: 6 (in-line)

Fuel: Gasoline

Displacement: 529 cubic inches

Horsepower: 112 (net) at 2,300 rpm

Torque: 395 ft-lb at 1,000 rpm