The museum also features weapons from many theaters of war, including hand-to-hand, small arms, light and mounted machine guns, artillery pieces, and more. The two most popular artillery on display is the Recoilless Rifle (RCLR) and the Quad 50 machine gun mount.

he RCLR is a lightweight, direct fire artillery weapon used for infantry support. The museum displays three different U.S. RCLR models. The oldest an M18, 57mm model produced in the 1940s for WWII. The M40 RCLR mounted to jeeps as well as a tracked vehicle that the Marine’s named ONTOS. These rifles replaced by a guided missile or rocket-propelled weapons in the early 1970s.

The Quad 50 machine gun mount featured at the museum. These units mounted on a half-track (M16) or the back of a two and a half-ton truck in WWII. These guns used on a gun truck for convoy protection. Part of the Quad 50 mounts was made in Neenah, Wisconsin, by the Kimberly-Clark Corporation during the war effort of WWII.

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